Game Design

RPG Status Effects

What are Status Effects? What a way to open the article but with a question, indeed status effects. If you’ve ever played an rpg before, one common status effect you may be familiar with is Poison, only curable by an antidote, and sometimes oddly sleeping it off (it’s a wonder what a good night’s rest solves in RPGs.) In short status effects are normally temporary or semi-permament ailments or benefits (rarely) on an entity which normally negatively affect said entity in a myriad of ways, ranging from periodic damage, stuns, disablement or even annoying transformations.
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RPG Battle Stats FMPOV

Hello again! Welcome to another entry in my RPG analysis series (wait I started a series right?) With a brief memory lapse aside, and a obvious non-existent series mention, let’s look at RPG stats. In this post I’ll go over some rather common RPG stats. Please note, these are opinions from my point of view and are in no way backed by any real research outside of actual game examples.
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Revisiting Turn Based Battle Systems

Introduction Originally started in To Battle!, I went over the basic flow for a turn-based battle system based on a wait-time (or counter) system. This time around I’ve decided to break it down a little more with more commentary. Recap The my original article, I covered the basic variable/parameters each entity/actor/object would have in the system. Attributes Name Human Readable Description ap Action Points These are a none negative integer which represents how many points are available to perform actions with.
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